Articles by Linda Davis Taylor

Our approach to family governance is grounded in the belief that families can achieve long term success across generations through careful stewardship of the family wealth.  We begin with a review of the family’s existing culture, attitudes, and values, carefully measured and reported back to the family group.  The tool that we use to measure these aspects of the family's culture is called the Family Culture Survey. Our Family Culture Surveys are customized to the goals of a family, inviting the opinions and ideas of all family members across generations to identify the existing and aspirational values of the family.  This work provides the foundation for defining the family's mission and purpose-- crucial components of achieving long-term success-- and is defined by the steps outlined below.

Family Culture Survey Process:

Step 1:

Work with family leaders to define the family’s objectives for wealth transition
Step 2: Conduct the Family Culture Survey to identify the family’s collective values, aspirations,  and purpose

Step 3: Deliver reports and recommendations for a customized family governance process
Step 4: Create family strategic plan

Step 5: Plan and facilitate family meetings and retreats

Why Is It Important To Measure Your Family's Culture?

Establishing a "family culture" based upon shared values defines a family's mission and overarching purpose. By defining a family's wealth in a broader way to include not only the financial assets but the human, intellectual and social capital as well, a stronger family culture supports each family member's ability to thrive individually.  This, in turn, re-energizes the family as a whole, sustaining the family across generations.

One family patriarch shared the below notes from his grandchildren with us, after we successfully led his most recent family meeting:

“Dear Grandpa…It was great to see the family, and learn more about the family foundation.  It’s good to know that we work well together as a family and have financial stability.  Thanks for everything.”
- - -
"Dear Gramps…I wanted to thank you for the time we spent together.  The family meeting was very informative and fun!  I am so glad to be part of such an attractive and intelligent family.  You are truly inspiring grandpa and I value everything you teach me.  Thank you for your guidance and support.”